Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative

Kapandesal200 is a special non-share capital type product of Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative which allows their members to invest and get double of that investment in 5 years – GUARANTEED and TAX-FREE.

Minimum investment of PHP 5,000 and maximum of PHP 500,000.

For example, if you invested PHP 50,000, you get your PHP 50,000 investment back and another PHP 50,000 as interest after 5 years, TAX-FREE, totaling to PHP 100,000!

Watch the promotional video here: CLICK THIS LINK

After you have invested through the ‘Invest Now’ button, you should fill up the Kapandesal200 application and agreement form and send it to

Download Kapandesal200 Application Form here

Guide for Filling Up the Kapandesal200 Application Form:
Membership No - See (If no assigned membership number yet, leave it blank)
Date of Membership - Date of your first deposit to Kapandesal's bank account
Date of Placement - Date when you clicked on 'Invest Now' and invested in Kapandesal200
Share Capital - Amount of share capital you own in Kapandesal (includes regular share capital, Citihub share capital)
Regular Savings - 500 (part of the 2,000 membership fee you paid on first deposit)
Membership Fee - 1,500 (part of the 2,000 membership fee you paid on first deposit)

The collected funds will be used by Kapandesal to increase the capacity of its microloans business that lends money without collateral, to meet the needs of its members.

This microloans business has helped hundreds of members who are in need of capital for their businesses (3% per month), emergency loans for hospital bills (2% per month), motorcycle loans, vacation loans, and others. A service fee of 3.5% per loan transaction is also charged. Kapandesal is proud to say that its loan delinquency (default) rate is only around 5%, largely because of their established relationship with the members and the financial literacy that the cooperative has instilled in them.

The people helped by Kapandesal’s microloans are rejected by banks due to lack of requirements (credit line, assets, etc.) and have no choice but to borrow money from “5-6” which charges a shocking interest rate of 20% PER MONTH! to sustain their daily lives. Some examples of these people are those from the Seamen’s Village (families of seamen), and the market vendors from Kadiwa Market (whom we – Raise PH - have met personally) in Dasmarinas, Cavite. For instance, the people in Kadiwa market live in a vicious cycle of “Utang sa 5-6 -> Bili ng kalakal (merchandise) -> I-tinda sa palengke -> Bayaran ang 5-6 -> Bayaran ang gastusin sa bahay -> Utang sa 5-6…”

When they realized that the unreasonably high interest rates of “5-6” prevent them from being able to save and live better lives in the long-term, they asked for assistance from Kapandesal, whose business loans are just 3% per month (a massive drop from the 20% of “5-6”).

Update: The main beneficiary of these loan capital raising now includes the indigenous people / farmers from Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija.

Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative and Raise PH, in-line with President Duterte’s vision, aims to put an end to the abusive “5-6” and provide a more humane form of financial assistance to Filipinos in need.
Watch President Duterte’s statement about “5-6” here: CLICK THIS LINK

Terms and Conditions:
- Investment is locked in for 5 years.
- If withdrawn during the 1st year, termination fee of 7% with 1% interest earned.
- If withdrawn during the 2nd to 4th year, termination fee of 6% with 3% interest earned.
- The investment gains are TAX-FREE because cooperatives are tax-free.

Quick computation of why this guaranteed return is possible:
3% per month = 36% per year (not yet even compounded monthly)
Year 1: PHP 100,000 x 1.36 = PHP 136,000 (compounded yearly..)
Year 2: PHP 136,000 x 1.36 = PHP 184,960
Year 3: PHP 184,960 x 1.36 = PHP 251,546
Year 4: PHP 251,546 x 1.36 = PHP 342,102
Year 5: PHP 342, 102 x 1.36 = PHP 465,259
Total potential earning from loans in 5 years – 365.25% on top of capital
Guaranteed 100% income on top of capital after 5 years is easily achievable.

Note: Once you have invested in this project, even if it is not yet fully funded, your investment start date is set once your investment has been verified (within 5 working days). Investment certificate will also be uploaded once available.
Note: This is a non-share capital type project so new members who do not own any share capital with Kapandesal should subscribe to at least PHP 5,000 worth of share capital before being allowed to invest in this project . *Citihub shares counts as share capital. Share capital also earns dividends based on the coop's business performance. Share Capital Link

Citihub Sta. Mesa

Citihub Sta. Mesa

Citi Living Solutions PH Corp

Citihub Sta. Mesa is the first cooperative-owned Citihub container van dorms. This container van dormitory complex is planned to provide low-cost housing for 396 Filipinos who are working or studying near the area for only 1,700 for fan rooms and 2,200 for aircon rooms inclusive of utilities and Wi-Fi. The site is strategically located near schools, medical centers, commercial establishments, and business districts.

Citihub, as a for-profit social enterprise, has been featured in various media channels such as ABS-CBN, GMA, TV5, and Rappler. To know more about Citihub. You can watch Citihub as featured in Unang Balita of GMA News: Click this Link

1. Can I withdraw my share capital anytime?
Ans: No, because the funds will be used to construct the dormitory and used for other expenses. This is turned into an asset that generates annual rental income and a possible lumpsum amount once the container dorm has been sold to interested buyers at the end of operations.