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Kapandesal Share Capital

Kapandesal Share Capital

Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative


1.05% raised from ₱ 10,000,000.000 goal

Estimated annual returns: 5% per annum. Varies depending on business performance.

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Unit C-7 Grand Towers, P.Ocampo St. Malate, Manila

Funding Date Start: Oct. 4, 2016

Funding Date End: None

This is the same share capital required for regular Kapandesal Multipurpose Cooperative members. The share capital earns annual dividends from the net income earned by all of Kapandesal’s businesses (ex. Microfinance, QNF Logistics, ExpressPay, Kinula Laundry Shop, Sweet Honey Water Station).

Raise PH members, who are non-share capital holders of other businesses (ex. Citihub), are required to subscribe to at least PHP 5,000 worth of share capital from Kapandesal before investing in special products such as Kapandesal200.

PHP 5,000 worth of share capital is non-withdrawable unless you have terminated your membership with Kapandesal. Last 2015, share capital holders of Kapandesal have earned 5% in dividends.

Once you have invested PHP 5,000 worth of share capital, you can then invest in special investment products such as Kapandesal200!

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